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Jan 24, 2013 8:00pm EST
finance over a period of years and her goal is to educate people so the great depression will never happen again. but it's very much in a buy of its time an idea we can teach people certain skills and if they learn the skills will all be okay. >> california senator dianne feinstein proposed legislation today that would then so-called assault weapons and ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds. she was joined by other members of congress as well as police officers and mayors around the country. this is a little more than an hour. >> i want to thank all of you for coming today and i really want to welcome you. i am pleased to be joined this morning by a cross-section of americans who have been affected by gun violence. we have with us today police chiefs, mayors, teachers,.yours, members of the clergy, mothers, gun safety groups, victims of gun violence and others who care deeply about the issue. i'd really like to thank my colleagues in the senate and in the house who have chosen to stand together on this important issue. some of us have been working to provide violence for decades. t
Jan 23, 2013 8:00pm EST
this critical issue is the establishment of the recruiting, education and training oversight counsel. this counsel will include the senior leadership of my command and it will one, review the progress and effectiveness of the actions we are not implementing. two, provide an expanded perspective on future actions we will take to prevent problems from recurring. and three, advise me on strategic issues affecting airmen safety and the maidens of good order and discipline in basic military training. in short, this counsel will help us institutionalize the intense levels of locus we must sustain if we are to successfully defeat the threat of sexual misconduct and the basic military training environment. i look forward to your questions after general welsh's remarks. thank you. >> thank you and i completely agreed the investigations don't marked the end of anything. the air force has recommitted itself to free insuring every airmen is treated with respect. it's not a one time fix. it has to be a way of life. this collection of events in basic military training has been stunning to most of
Jan 22, 2013 8:00pm EST
upon his early childhood education. so we had a vision that we would work together with the public schools in kansas city to find a way to get the 2284 children in six elementary schools, where 90% of those children on the free or reduced lunch program a chance for a better future. we partner with schools and came and said we don't have the answers. we just saw for ourselves as servants. what you need? how can we help? this year 2500 members sauntered in could rebuild playgrounds but they didn't have playgrounds before. we repainted the inside of schools where they didn't have time to fix schools. our members volunteered his tutors to reach the children. we purchased 20,000 books and gave unto the children so they might might read at home. we found a 1400 children were coming to school on monday hungry over the weekend because they didn't have the reduced lunch program a home or we started providing backpacks for children with trisha snacks every friday. 1400 n-november spack and delivers the children come back to school monday said. when we learned 300 children sleep on the floor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3